Salesupply enters Scandinavia

Salesupply enters Scandinavia

Dutch fulfillment company Salesupply is expanding its global network again. It is opening fulfillment centers in Sweden and Denmark. The company wants to make selling cross-border to these countries easier for online merchants.

Salesupply is a fulfillment company that originally started in the Netherlands. It operates on a global scale, with more than 25 fulfillment centers located across Europe, Northern America and Asia. Last year, it opened new warehouses in France and Germany.

‘Storing locally can save money’

Now, the company announces that it is expanding into Scandinavia. This gives merchants a cheaper alternative to expansive international last mile deliveries in the area. Online sellers with volumes of 300 to 400 orders per month in Denmark and Sweden can apply. According to Salesupply, merchants can save up to 5 euros per parcel on last mile delivery when their products are stored locally.

‘Merchants will be able to act like a local seller.’

With the two new fulfillment centers, online sellers will be able to store their products in Denmark and Sweden. As the warehouses have contracts with local parcel couriers, merchants can act like local sellers with delivery times and rates adjusted to local preferences.

First centers in Scandinavia

The new warehouses are the company’s first ones in Scandinavia. Whether Salesupply is planning to expand into more countries in the region, is unknown.



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