Bic launches online razor subscription service in France

Bic launches online razor subscription service in France

Bic has launched its first online subscription service in France. Starting at 5 euros per month, customers get a shaver directly to their home with refillable cartridges delivered at their desired frequency. The Bic Shave Club is the company’s first experience with large-scale direct sales to consumers.

Bic announced the existence of the Bic Shave Club last month and officially launched the online subscription service this Tuesday. Bic normally sells its disposable razors, the pens, lighters and other article via distributors, but with the online subscription service it sells directly to consumers for the first time.

Two different Bic razors

For the new subscription service, Big developed a razor with 3 blades and one with 5 blades. In the first month, the customer gets a shave box, filled with a razor and four blades. After this month, he gets refillable cartridges delivered at a desired frequency. The razor with 3 blades costs 5 euros per month, while the razor with 5 blades costs 5 euros for the first month and then 9 euros per month.

In the official press release, Bic stated it will initially test the service in France, where the brand benefits from a strong reputation and history. “With the Bic Shave Club, we are pursuing our objective to simplify the consumer’s life by offering the best Bic shaving technology, delivered at home, always at the best price”, CEO Gonzalve Bich commented.

Online sales of razors in France

According to L’Express, online sales of razors is currently a very small industry in France, with some small players such as Big Mustache or Mr. Barbier tend to further drive sales by offering accessories and care products for shaving. According to Nicolas Gueugnier, founder of Big Mustache, the arrival of Bic Shave Club is very good news for them, instead of being a threat. “Because it will help democratize this business model in France. It is up to us to make the difference with our service.”

About Bic

The company was founded by Édouard Buffard and Marcel Bich in 1944. The latter bought the patent for the ballpoint pen in 1953. Aside from these pens, the company also started selling other stationery products, as well as lighters and shavers. In 1975, after partnering with a Greek manufacturer of razor blades, Bic became the first brand to launch a one-piece razor.

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