partners make up 65% of trading volume partners make up 65% of trading volume, the leading marketplace in the Netherlands and Belgium, had a gross merchandise volume of 1.3 billion euros in Q1. As much as 65 percent comes from third party merchants on the platform. currently has 52,000 partners.

Mother company Ahold Delhaize released the first quarter numbers this week. Over all of last year,’s gross trading volume decreased by nearly 2 percent following a sales dip in Q4. Now, the GMV is showing a little bit of growth again.

Sales volume partners leads by 3.7%

In Q1 of 2023,’s gross merchandise volume slightly increased by 1.2 percent to 1.3 billion euros. This is mostly thanks to its third party merchants. The sales volume of partners grew 3.7 percent. The platform now has 52,000 partner sellers. Together, they represent as much as 65 percent of sales.

2.5% growth for all online sales

Company-wide, online sales of Ahold Delhaize in Europe grew by 2.5 percent, totalling at 1.798 billion euros. This includes’s sales, but also those of supermarket Albert Heijn, drugstore Etos and liquor store Gall&Gall.

Gross profits fell nearly 21 percent to 202 million euros.

Both online and physical stores by Ahold Delhaize in Europe grew their sales by 7.5 percent to 8.1 billion euros. Gross profits fell by nearly 21 percent, though, totalling at 202 million euros. By comparison, operations in the United States are doing better: online sales grew 17 percent.

‘We expect growth going forward’

In total, Ahold Delhaize reports total sales of 21.6 billion euros and a net profit of 561 million euros. The latter is 0,5 percent lower compared to last year.

“Now, having lapped the difficult COVID-19-related comparisons, we expect growth rates to materially improve going forward, as the business is powered by’s three key business models: e-commerce, advertising and logistic services”, says Frans Muller, CEO of Ahold Delhaize.



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