Bol.com to start in Wallonia

Bol.com to start in Wallonia

Bol.com will start with a French-speaking online shop in June this year. For, the Dutch ecommerce giant this will mark the first time its online store isn’t in Dutch. It also means Bol.com will be accessible for all consumers in Belgium.

The plans of Bol.com to launch a French-speaking online shop in Belgium don’t come as a surprise. Last year, the shopping platform already said it would do this. But now there’s a date. Not a specific one for that matter, and Bol.com will first start with a few tests before officially launching Bol.com in Wallonia.

10 million customers in Dutch-speaking markets

In Wallonia, Bol.com hopes to achieve the same success it has in the Netherlands and Flanders, the Dutch-speaking part of Belgium. In these two markets, Bol.com (owned by Ahold Delhaize) has a total of 10 million customers.

Competing with Amazon France

In the southern part of Belgium, the biggest online store of the Netherlands would have to compete with Amazon, as many Walloons go to Amazon.fr for their online shopping.


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