Bpost starts trial of new return service

Bpost starts trial of new return service

Belgian postal company Bpost is starting a trial today. Customers can hand over returns to the postman, instead of bringing the package to the post office. The trial will take two months and it is set to happen in several Belgian cities.

According to the postal company, Bpost parcel deliverers often get asked whether they can pick up packages that need to be returned. Until today, that wasn’t possible. For the coming two months, the company wants to test whether picking up returns is a feasible service.

‘Bpost will test the new return service during the next 2 months.’

Belgian municipalities Mol, Geel, Leuven, Wevelgem and parts of Brussels are selected for the trial. A couple of municipalities in Wallonia will also be included.

Conditions for returns

Several conditions must be met in order to use the service. Customers can only hand over returns when the parcel deliverer is at their home delivering another order. In addition, there must be a stamp on the package already, as parcel deliverers don’t sell stamps.

‘The service is more cost-effective for Bpost itself.’

“This service saves the customer a trip to the post office and it is also more cost-effective for Bpost itself, since fewer parcels have to be picked up and sent from the drop-off point”, said the company. After the trial of two months, Bpost will decide whether there’s enough demand to continue with the service.



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