Carrefour France supports local producers

Carrefour France supports local producers

Carrefour has launched a new initiative in France that is aimed at supporting small and local producers. At the same time, it’s answering to a growing demand among shoppers for goods produced nearby.

The new initiative is part of Carrefour’s ‘Zero kilometer’ commitment. The French hypermarket chain will from local alliances, which means stores will source products from small producers who operate as close to them as possible, Retail Analysis writes.

Carrefour pays for products in 7 days

Local producers, especially those selling fresh fruits and vegetables, can now sell directly in a Carrefour store nearby, without them having to deal with third parties. Carrefour has already said it will use a simple contract, of no more than two pages, to get products on shelves within 48 hours of it being signed. The supermarket also says it will pay for the products in seven days, which should help small producers with their cash flow.

More retailers in France support local producers

Carrefour isn’t the only major retailer in France that’s changing things to support local producers. Earlier this month, all big grocery retailers have signed up to support local products, to help those affected by coronavirus lockdown measures. The charter has been signed by Aldi, Auchan, Carrefour, Casino, Cora, Franprix, Intermarché, Leclerc, Lidl, Monoprix, and Système U.

All these players will promote local products in their stores throughout the year. The first campaign will start in April 2021.

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