Cdiscount launches Cdiscount Occasion

Cdiscount launches Cdiscount Occasion

Cdiscount has launched Cdiscount Occasion, a platform full of second-hand products. Cdiscount Occasion features items from all product categories: from high-tech and DIY to books and toys.

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Online sales of second-hand items between individuals have been increasingly popular. Now, Cdiscount wants to have a part of this market and thus launched Cdiscount Occasion. All product categories will be represented, except for large products such as furniture.

Collaboration with Place2Swap

The French ecommerce retailer has collaborated with startup Place2Swap to allow its 10 million customers to sell the things they no longer use and to buy these kinds of items from others. Trade is carried out securely with the help of a virtual wallet and delivery to relay points.

Cdiscount Occasion reminds of the very popular second-hand fashion app Vinted. And it might not come as a surprise that Cdiscount charges the same costs, paid up by the buyer: 0.70 euro per item and a commission of 5 percent of the price. The bought and sold goods can be picked up or dropped at one of the 9,000 Mondial Relay points in France.

Cdiscount Occasion reminds of Vinted.


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