Danish average online spend highest in Europe

Danish average online spend highest in Europe

The strongest ecommerce markets in Europe have remained on the top. However, consumers in Denmark have spent the most online in the past year. These findings are published in the newest report by Direct Link.

12.000 consumers surveyed

Understanding consumer behavior is important for online retailers. Getting insights into what their potential customers find important and spend money on, can help them optimize their online store.

A new report published by Direct Link, who specializes in customer-specific delivery solutions and the distribution of products over the world, surveyed about 12.000 consumers in Belgium, Denmark, Finland, Norway, Poland, Spain, Sweden and the UK. The report gives insights into consumer behavior and how ecommerce has grown in these markets.

Germany and the UK still strongest markets

As in previous years, Germany and the UK are still the strongest ecommerce markets in Europe. Both markets have relatively high purchase amounts and a high ecommerce share combined with a large population. According to the survey, 62 million consumers in Germany have shopped online in the last year, while the corresponding figure for the UK is 49 million.

The average yearly online spend per person in the UK is 2.316 euros.

Within the UK, at least 95 percent of the population shops online, with an estimated average spend per person per year of 2.316 euros. Sweden follows, as 96 percent of the population shops online. They spend an average of 1932 euros per person per year.

Denmark highest average spend

It is surprising though, that while Denmark has quite a low amount of consumers shopping online, when compared to the rest of the countries, the average spend per year per person is the highest compared to the other ones: 2.916 euros.

Million consumers shopping online Percentage of population shopping online Estimated average spend p.p. per year in euros
UK 49.3 95 2.316
Sweden 7.6 96 1.932
Belgium 7.8 87 1.572
Denmark 4.1 88 2.916
Netherlands 13 94 1.968
Poland 25.8 85 1.296
Germany 62.1 94 2.088
Norway 3.9 93 2.364
Italy 40 84 1.608
Spain 34.6 92 1.452
France 44.7 87 2.208
Finland 4.1 95 1.392

The report notes that because of Denmark’s small land area, transport is more efficient. Internet penetration within the country is 99 percent, which is higher than the European average.

‘Danes had to turn to ecommerce.’

Online consumer behavior of the Danes changed in the past year, due to the strict lockdowns in the pandemic. According to 9 out of 10 surveyed Danes, ecommerce was a great help during the pandemic. Almost half of consumers in the country tried new ways of shopping, and even 27 percent of Denmark’s pensioners tried picking up their ecommerce parcel in store.



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