Deutsche Post DHL announces new digital services

Deutsche Post DHL announces new digital services

Deutsche Post and DHL Paket have announced a variety of new digital services and improvements of existing solutions, which should make the use of mail and parcel services easier and more transparent. The new services include letter tracking, pictures of envelops and a new Post & Paket 24/7 machine.

Deutsche Post DHL Group wants to make it easier for customers to send, receive and track both letters and parcel. The digitization program it announced will extend over a period of three years, although many of the announced services will be already available this year.

Matrix code enables better tracking of mail

One of the new services is that in the future all franking, including stamps, will contain a matrix code that enables better tracking of mail. And mail customers will get an overview of the mail they will receive. Envelopes will be photographed and these pictures can be sent to the recipient’s email inbox.

Launch of DHL Live-Tracking

Later this year, the logistics company will launch DHL Live-Tracking, a service that enables the recipient of DHL Parcels to track the shipment on and in the app almost in real time. Customers are shown a 60- to 90-minute delivery time window and a countdown with the number of remaining delivery stops. Customers can also check the current position of the delivery van on a Google Maps map. Another new feature is that DHL customers will receive a notification 15 minutes before the shipment is delivered.

Customers can see how many stops the driver needs to make and where he is exactly.

DHL shipping labels can be printed on the go

Furthermore, DHL shipping labels can now be purchased on the go, and in digital form as a QR code. Customers can have the digital shipping (or return) label printed out in one of the over 24,000 DHL parcel shops, at one of the 4,500 DHL Packstations or directly at the delivery person at the front door.

Deutsche Post DHL Group will also not only invest in expanding the existing Packstations network (from about 4,500 to 7,000 machines), but also introduce a new parcel machine, the Post & Paket 24/7 machine.

“In addition to receiving and sending parcels, customers can also use this machine to send their letters and to buy postage and parcel stamps without cash. Furthermore, the possibility of a video chat function will be tested in a pilot project, through which customers can get advice and commission services. The range of services offered by this machine corresponds to that of a small post office”, the company explains.

The new Post & Paket 24/7 machine operates like a small post office.

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