DPDgroup now has over 20,000 Pickup points in 13 European countries

DPDgroup now has over 20,000 Pickup points in 13 European countries

DPD has announced it has extended its Pickup network across Europe. SEUR, one of DPDgroups brands, is set to extend its network in Spain to 1,600 Pickup points by 2016. DPD UK already offers more than 2,000 Pickup Points for out-of-home deliveries. DPDgroup now has over 20,000 Pickup points in 13 countries across Europe.

This was shared by DPD on its website. With Pickup points in France, United Kingdom, Portugal, Spain, Belgium, Luxemburg, the Netherlands, Switzerland, Germany, Estonia, Lithuania, Latvia and Austria, the company says this is one of the densest PUDO (pick-up and drop-off) networks in Europe. “This coverage allows 95% of Europeans to be within 15 minutes of a Pickup point”, the second-largest international parcel delivery network in Europe claims. “The network thus allows DPDgroup brands – DPD, Chronopost, SEUR and Interlink Express – to offer a highly effective delivery service to their customers.”

Testing two delivery solutions
According to the GeoPost-owned company parcel shops are becoming vitally important for delivery operators in Europe, as they provide a quick and effective means of delivering the growing number of online orders. DPDgroup has many ‘around-the-corner’ parcelshops, which can handle about up to 40 parcels a day. It now wants to offer a wider range of solutions that cater to current lifestyles, and that’s why the company is testing two solutions in France, before they will roll out at European level.

Pickup Station
The first is the Pickup Station, which is a network of automatic lockers for parcel pick-up and drop-off. Each station is set up to handle up to 100 parcels a day. “This solution is intended to give customers extended access to pick up and drop off their parcel insofar as most Pickup Stations are open24/7.” There are currently more than 300 Pickup Stations operating across France.

Pickup Stores
The other test is with Pickup Stores. These should be able to handle over 100 parcels a day. They are located in very busy areas, such as train stations and malls, in which customers can find other products and services. “The solution’s strength lies in the fact that consignees can call in on their way home.”

DPD will open Pickup points in Poland as the next step of the roll-out. Furthermore, the company will extends its current 800 collection points in Russia to 2,000 next year, with the intention of becoming a leading service provider for the B2C sector.

About the Pickup Points
The Pickup Points from DPD are set up in ‘strategic areas’ with independent vendors like florists and newsagents. Because of this, parcel recipients benefit from long opening hours, six days a week on average.


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