Dutch ecommerce top remains unchanged

Dutch ecommerce top remains unchanged

The six biggest online stores in the Netherlands in 2019 are still the same six as in the year before. Bol.com remains the biggest ecommerce player, with a revenue of 2.17 billion euros. It’s followed by fellow Dutch companies Coolblue and Albert Heijn.

Every year, Dutch magazine Twinkle ranks the 250 biggest ecommerce companies that sell in the Netherlands. In the beginning, things changed fast, as ecommerce companies come and go. But in the last couple of years, the top remains quite unchanged.

Just like last year, the top six now contains the same names: Bol.com, Coolblue, Albert Heijn, Zalando, Wehkamp, and Amazon.

The top 6 contains the same names as last year.

The only newcomer in the top 10 online stores in the Netherlands is fashion retailer About You. With revenues worth 280 million euros it ranks eighth, while it wasn’t in the list at all last year. Below you can find the top 10 of the biggest online stores in the Netherlands, with two numbers 9. That’s because they have the exact same (estimated) revenue.

Top 10 online stores in the Netherlands

1 Bol.com €2,170 million
2 Coolblue €1,113 million
3 Albert Heijn €680 million
4 Zalando €670 million
5 Wehkamp €490 million
6 Amazon €400 million
7 Jumbo €350 million
8 About You €280 million
9 De Bijenkorf €250 million
9 H&M €250 million

32 companies new or back on the list

There are 32 companies in the top 250, that weren’t there last year. That means they have entered the top 250 ranking for the first time, or that they have made a comeback. From these 32 companies, only four (including About You) managed to enter the top 100. The remaining newcomers and comeback kids are located somewhere between the 130th and 249th place.

Total online sales of top 250: 14.4 billion euros

Together, the top 250 ecommerce companies have generated revenues worth 14.4 billion euros in the Netherlands. That’s about 20 percent more than last year. And 15 percent of the 14.4. billion euros was generated by the number one on the list, Bol.com. And the top ten online retailers account for almost half (46 percent) of the total top 250’s online sales.

15% of the 14.4 billion was generated by Bol.com alone.

27 companies are run from abroad

Another interesting finding is that the online activities of 27 of 250 ecommerce companies are run from abroad. Three of these cross-border companies (Zalando, About You, H&M) are even in the top ten.

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