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Dutch organizations launch EcommerceWiki

Dutch organizations launch EcommerceWiki

Several Dutch organizations have launched EcommerceWiki, an English-written platform where experts from all over the world can collect and share all knowledge about ecommerce topics such as merchandising, performance advertising, selecting an ecommerce platform and managing social media.


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EcommerceWiki is an initiative of non-profit organization Ecommerce Foundation. EcommerceWiki is set to cover more than 40 subjects, from cross-border ecommerce and email marketing to search engine optimization and online payment methods. Each subject is divided into three levels: basis, advanced and expert.

The knowledge platform wants to offer detailed ‘how to’ information, which they say is difficult to find, not very well organized and not always reliable on other websites and blogs. However, EcommerceWiki doesn’t explain how it will make the information shared on its website more reliable. They also work together with experts from commercial companies, so it will be interesting to see whether their interests will interfere with the project’s original intention.

Launched during the Webwinkel Vakdagen
The information currently displayed on the website is far from complete, but although the website is already live, it will be officially launched during the Webwinkel Vakdagen, a popular two-day ecommerce event in the Netherlands which will take place on 20 and 21 January. Together with Dutch ecommerce association, Ecommerce Foundation will then present this new initiative, preceded by a panel discussion between Google, Dutch retail gigant, the aforementioned, Dutch pushchair retailer Bugaboo and ebay-owned B2C marketplace Marktplaats.

Already sharing incorrect information?
When we visited the website, we stumbled upon the About page. There it shows three testimonials of people who are said to using EcommerceWiki. But student Carlos Encarnacion, omnichannel retailer Cecilie Pettersen and performance advertising expert Noah Jakande who are shown, do they all work at the Baltimore City Chamber of Commerce? Or ESA? And ‘Carlos’ and ‘Noah’ can also be found working for mortgage expert Invis. And they are not only lying about the pictures, they also seem to have fabricated the names.

EcommerceWiki - Lying about their users?
EcommerceWiki – Lying about their users?
Noah Jakande
Being in the internet business from the start, but only ONE Google result?