Ecommerce Europe Trustmark rolls out in 11 countries

Ecommerce Europe Trustmark rolls out in 11 countries

Ecommerce Europe has finally started the rollout of its pan-European trustmark. Starting today, more than 10,000 certified online stores can join the Ecommerce Europe Trustmark for free. By establishing one European set of rules, Ecommerce Europe wants to further stimulate cross-border ecommerce in Europe.

Over one year ago, Ecommerce Europe announced it would launch a European trustmark. Back then, it was said the trustmark would launch on January 1, 2015, but apparently it took a little longer to officially start the initiative. Nonetheless, the Ecommerce Europe Trustmark is said to be a big step forward to stimulate trust in online cross-border transactions.

“In an environment with multiple Trustmark schemes in the development phase (the European Trust Mark from EMOTA for example), the Ecommerce Europe Trustmark is the only non-profit trustmark with more than 10.000 certified companies”, says François Momboisse, president of Ecommerce Europe. “It is also the only pan-European trustmark with its own consumer-friendly complaints handling system. And perhaps most importantly it is the only European trustmark that is free for members of participating national associations. It is essential that European regulators give their support to the most reliable and accessible schemes, such as the Ecommerce Europe Trustmark.”

Fast and cheap problem-solving system
Ecommerce Europe has developed the trustmark after talking with national and European consumer organizations and several national ecommerce associations. It developed a comprehensive set of rights and obligations for online sales and online merchants who carry the trustmark commit themselves to clear communication on these rules, the organization says. Consumers will get easy access to a complaint handling system in their own language, so if there are any problems they can be solved in a fast and low-cost way.

Transparency during all shopping moments
When a retailer joins the trustmark program, he may put the trustmark logo on its website. Whenever a consumers clicks on it, he will be led to the Code of Conduct and a clear explanation of his rights and the merchant’s commitments. For example, the merchant pledges he will be clear and transparent on the offer and prices before the consumer enters the order process, and he will offer easily acceptable and safe payment methods.

Online stores in Europe which are certified by a national association that has joined Ecommerce Europe can already carry the Ecommerce Europe Trustmark next to the national trustmark. In a second stage, the trustmark set of criteria will be upgraded in all countries.

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