EMOTA launches European Trust Mark for ecommerce

EMOTA launches European Trust Mark for ecommerce

EMOTA, the European ecommerce association, has officially launched its European Trust Mark. Starting today, the accompanied logo will appear on websites that comply with the trading practices laid down by the European Trust Mark.

The European Trust Mark is all about 10 key principles, such as trader information, delivery commitments and handling of consumer complaints, to ensure a high standard of trading and consumer protection.

The ten key principles:
• Transparent information about the trader
• Clear, complete and accurate product description
• Transparent pricing, inclusive of all charges and taxes
• Accurate information to the customer on product availability and delivery times
• Delivery according to the specifications and timing indicated to the customer
• Clear returns process and prompt reimbursement
• Accessible customer service and timely complaint management
• Protection of personal data according to EU and national legislation
• Appropriate protection of minors
• Secure payment methods

The European Trust Mark is always linked to a participating national trust mark scheme, which can only join and use the European Trust Mark if it complies with the aforementioned principles.

Jörgen Bödmar, chairman of EMOTA, says he’s extremely pleased to launch the trustmark. “The concept is unique and builds on the existing strengths of the various national trustmarks that have gained their reputation in the market. The consumer will get familiar with the European Trust Mark when visiting his or her usual web shop. When going to a web shop based in another EU Member State, he/she will recognize the European Trust Mark and will have the confidence in doing shopping on that web shop.”

Important part of addressing consumers abroad
Bödmar is founder, owner and CEO of Scandinavian Design Center, a company that operates several online design stores across Europe. He sees strong growth potential for his company and says the use of the European Trust Mark is going to be an important part of his strategy in addressing the consumers abroad.

Today, over 5,000 online stores associated with the national trustmark providers are being part of the EMOTA Trustmark network, but the ecommerce association wants to have about 7,000 by the end of the year. “With the European Trust Mark, we contribute to the creation of a single market for ecommerce while ensuring that trading practices are at a high level”, EMOTA’s secretary general Maurits Bruggink, says. “We have many challenges to face, like the language barriers, the high costs of cross-border parcel delivery, the variety of payments systems and regulations, the high requirements on data protection and the numerous consumer protection provisions, just to name a few.”
Věra Jourová, European Commissioner for Justice, Consumers and Gender Equality, says that the launch of the trustmark will help build consumers’ trust in the digital world. “Currently, only 15% of European consumers buy online from other member states.”

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