Ecommerce in Poland to reach €11.64 billion in 2019

Ecommerce in Poland to reach €11.64 billion in 2019

Ecommerce in Poland is predicted to increase by 25 percent this year. This would mean business-to-consumer ecommerce sales of this Eastern European country will be worth 11.64 million euros at the end of this year.

A significant growth is predicted for Poland’s ecommerce industry this year. In 2017, online retail sales grew 11 percent, but for this year a growth of 25 percent is predicted, a new study of Ecommerce Foundation shows. If the prediction comes true, it would mean that ecommerce in Poland will account for 2.31 percent of the country’s gross domestic product.

Ecommerce in Poland

In Poland, over 61 percent of the online population (77 of Polish people use the internet) is forecast to shop online this year. That share is similar to the situation last year, when six in ten Polish internet users shopped products and services online. And when Polish consumers do shop online, they are predicted to spend an average of 651.50 euros per year.

12% of 50+ people shopped online in 2018

Last year, one in three people in Poland aged between 25 and 34 years shopped online. Within the age group of 15-24 years, 31 percent shopped online, while one in four Polish between 35 and 49 years old can be considered an online shopper. And in the last age group, people over 50 years old, 12 percent shopped online.

There were over 24 million ecommerce users in Poland last year, and this number will increase in the coming years. Expectations are there will be more than 25 million ecommerce users in Poland by the year 2023.

Most customers use social media for inspiration

The study shows that social media is the most frequently used online source of shopping inspiration in Poland. Last year, 58 percent of customers used websites and apps like Facebook, Twitter and Instagram to get inspired. Price comparison websites were used by 43 percent, followed by retailers’ websites (40 percent).

Most popular product categories in Poland

The most popular products online shoppers in Poland buy online are clothing and accessories (64 percent), followed by books, movies and music (54 percent) and movie & theater tickets (51 percent). Footwear (44 percent) and cosmetics & beauty care (43 percent) are also popular products Polish people like to shop online.

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