Ecommerce in Sweden grew 19% to 8.2 billion euros

Ecommerce in Sweden grew 19% to 8.2 billion euros

Ecommerce in Sweden has showed double-digit growth last year. The online retail industry increased by 13 percent and was worth 87 billion Swedish kronor (8.24 billion euros) at the end of that year.

The growth rate of Swedish ecommerce was slightly lower than it was in 2018, when the industry increased by 15 percent. But, as PostNord puts it in the annual E-barometer, with such a large proportion of total trading, a lower growth rate isn’t unexpected.

Online pharmacy industry showed strongest growth

For the first time, the E-barometer also reports on the pharmacy industry as a separate sector. And it’s precisely the online pharmacy industry that showed the strongest growth (+36 percent) last year. On the other end are books and media, an industry that grew only 1 percent last year. This product category even declined by 1 percent during the last quarter of 2019.

Online sales of books and media grew only 1 percent in 2019.

The E-barometer also shows that 70 percent of Sweden between the ages of 18 and 79 bought at least one product online that during an average month.

The development of product categories in Swedish ecommerce

Product categories Growth Ecommerce share
Consumer electronics 14% 33%
Clothes and shoes 12% 20%
Books and media 1% 59%
Building materials 9% 12%
Furniture and home decor 14% 7%
Sports and leisure 13% 14%
Children’s articles and toys 3%
Groceries 22% 2%
Pharmaceutical goods 36% 11%
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