EU kicks off co-creation for retail transformation

EU kicks off co-creation for retail transformation

The European Commission has launched the co-creation process for the transition of the retail ecosystem. It represents the first step towards accelerating the green and digital transformation of the retail and wholesale sector, according to EuroCommerce.

In a work document, the European Commission recently revealed how it aims to move towards a more resilient, digital, and green retail ecosystem.

Initial scenarios and building blocks

It outlines initial scenarios for the green and digital transition of the retail ecosystem, using building blocks previously developed in Brussels. It is structured around five pillars of resilience, digitalization, greening, skills, and a fair and just transition. Each section contains questions for stakeholders to express their views on the proposed issues.

The European Commission invites all stakeholders to co-design

The European Commission invites all relevant stakeholders, such as member states authorities at different levels, businesses and their associations, social partners, civil society, academies, and consumers to take part in the process and co-design a transition pathway for the retail ecosystem.

‘Welcome shift’

EuroCommerce, the European retail and wholesale association, expressed enthusiasm about the potential impact of the pathway. “We warmly welcome the opportunity that the pathway presents”, responds Director General Christel Delberghe to the concrete step from Brussels. “The announcement heralds a welcome change in narrative towards driving a future agenda together. Co-creating this roadmap provides the opportunity to identify the critical measures needed for the sector’s transformation and for its continued contribution as the EU’s largest private employer. It will help us add maximum value as a key adopter of technology and as a driver of circularity and climate neutrality.”

‘Co-creating this roadmap will help us add maximum value’

EuroCommerce is the principal European organization representing the retail and wholesale sector. It embraces national associations in 27 countries and 5 million companies, including leading global players and many small businesses. The organization called on European policymakers in times of corona to support the digital transformation of the sector.



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