menu opens office in The Netherlands will open an office in The Netherlands this fall. The design ecommerce company is planning to open their administrative and logistics office in Eindhoven, a city known as the capital of Dutch industrial design. 450 jobs are about to be created in this region.

Dutch marketing blog Emerce picked up the news, thereby paraphrasing the municipality which released an official press release, called ‘International companies give boost to to regional employment’. In the press release we read that major Rob van Gijzel went on a business trip to the United States of America and Canada. There he spoke with several companies, e.g. the Eindhoven founded company Shapeways and

With the latter he spoke about the precise details of the expansion to The Netherlands. Van Gijzel told them he’s glad the company wants to open an office in Eindhoven. Not only because of the boost it could create in the regional design industry, but also because of the 450 jobs that have to be created. On the social networking website LinkedIn we’ve noticed some job details. is looking for an IT supervisor, an office manager and a warehouse supervisor. now gets almost a third of their sales from European customers. It previously has launched online stores in several European countries, like Germany, the United Kingdom, the Netherlands, France, Spain. In the United Kingdom and Germany it also opened some physical stores, as an attempt to inspire passers-by and luring them into buying stuff online from or