Floodlight raises 5.7 million euros

Floodlight raises 5.7 million euros

Ecommerce platform Floodlight has raised 6.4 million dollars in a seed funding round. The company offers a smart business account where ecommerce business owners can manage and optimize their finances. “This seed round is an exciting validation of our platform and its potential to meet the needs of unserved SMEs”, says Noam Bernstein, CEO and co-founder.

Smart business account

Floodlight is a startup based in the United Kingdom. It was founded in 2021 and wants to fill the gap between banks and accountants for SMEs, with a focus on ecommerce. Users can connect the solution to other platforms such as their Shopify store, bank accounts, PayPal, etc. In one dashboard, users can manage their finances and receive reports on cash flow trends.

‘Floodlight also offers other services, such as coaching and a debit mastercard.’

In addition to their tech solution, Floodlight also offers financial coaching. Customers can also use the company’s Debit Mastercard, with 1 percent cash back. According to the company, this promotes profitable growth.

Funding round of 6.4 million dollars

Now, the startup is announcing that it has raised 6.4 million dollars (5.3 million euros) in a seed funding round. The capital injection will allow the company to reach more customers. “The community of ecommerce entrepreneurs deserves better than they are getting today. We want to give SME leaders the tools they need to grow their businesses with confidence”, says Noam Bernstein.

‘We want to give SME leaders the tools they need to grow their business with confidence.’

“We help SMEs overcome their daily challenges while unlocking opportunities to set themselves up for long-term growth. They can better serve their international customers, employees and providers and ultimately create more value for their businesses. Our unified solution makes those challenges a breeze and creates an easily manageable and smart control center.”



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