French campaign against Shein

French campaign against Shein

French activists urge for legislative and regulatory measures against Shein, the fast fashion giant from China that is rapidly expanding in Europe. The activists are concerned about Shein’s impact on the planet. “Behind the €2 t-shirts or €9 dresses lies an unbearable operating system that destroys the environment and human rights,” they state.

The group is led by Place Publique, a political organization. In a letter to Bruno Le Maire, the French Minister of the Economy, they highlight the overconsumption facilitated by Shein. The synthetic clothing produced by the company is said to result in large quantities of microplastic fibers ending up in the oceans, causing contamination.

Microplastic fibers cause contamination

“If we allow this model to thrive, the fashion industry’s carbon footprint, which currently accounts for 2 percent of global greenhouse gas emissions, could skyrocket to 26 percent by 2050,” says Place Publique in their letter to the minister.

Violations and false claims

The activists also highlight violations of social rights, exploitative working conditions, and the use of cotton harvested by Uyghur slaves by Shein. Furthermore, they also address false claims on Shein’s website and alleged attempts to manipulate influencers.

The activists call for immediate legislative and regulatory measures in France, regulating advertising and marketing strategies that promote overconsumption on the streets, social networks, and media.

The activists call for immediate action

Websites of brands that release 1000 or more new items per day should be delisted or blocked. Shein is reported to release 8000 items per day.

Shein in Europe

Since last summer, Shein has been targeting Europe. In May, the company opened its European headquarters in Dublin (photo). In the same month, Shein officially introduced its global integrated marketplace that hosts local businesses and international third-party sellers, in addition to Shein-branded apparel suppliers. The Shein Marketplace is now live in Brazil and the US. Other markets, including European countries, will follow.



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