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French online retailer for emerging designers goes international

MonDéfilé.com, which means ‘my fashion catwalk’ in English, has launched its international website. Now consumers from all around the world can order exclusive clothes and accessories from young designers they voted on. The international launch has involved the introduction of international shipping, a bilingual website and an exclusive English-written blog.


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The French online fashion retailer is barely three years active, but it’s already attracting more than 15,000 subscribers in France. There are also now over one hundred referenced designers and a catalogue of more than 1,500 exclusively-designed garments and accessories available to order online.

MonDéfilé was founded in Paris in October 2011 and prides itself for being the “first online retailer and manufacturer for emerging fashion designers”. The website encourages its fashion followers and consumers to engage with designers. Every month, MonDéfilé hand-selects designers to create an exclusive garment or accessory to be sold on the website. The members of the public vote for their favorite designer. After 200 votes, the winning designer’s piece become available to purchase from the website and is put to production.  All clothes and accessories that are being created in exclusive collaboration with designers are produced on-demand in MonDéfilé’s workshops and delivered worldwide to customers within 15 days.

“MonDéfilé.com stands apart from its competitors due to the unrivalled support that the designers receive from the company”, the French startups says. “The team reviews every proposal and sketch, helping designers through each stage of the collection process from inception to manufacturing. For every single item that becomes available on MonDéfilé.com, the company  takes full charge of the production, monitoring, and the quality control of the pieces.”