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French shoppers will spend more online this Christmas

Almost nine out of ten internet users in France will prepare for their Christmas shopping online. And over 70 percent will eventually buy their gifts online. The computer is still the most popular device for online shopping, although its share is decreasing.

This is shown by a survey from French commerce federation Fevad among about three thousand internet users. The computer is being used by 65 percent of respondents, which is a decrease of 2 percentage points compared to last year. Meanwhile, the usage of the smartphone has increased by 3 percentage points, to 16 percent. The tablet is still more popular, as it’s now being used by 18 percent of respondents.

The survey also shows that 79 percent of French internet users will try and profit from the discounts and sales on Black Friday and Cyber Monday. The vast majority of those who will enjoy these days, will make their purchases online, while 48 percent will buy in-store. French consumers plan to spend an average of 187 euros in total for online purchases during Black Friday and Cyber Monday.

‘Mobile becomes major tool in our consumption patterns’

“Nearly half of online shoppers intend to use their mobile phones to identify and/or take advantage of the offers presented to them as part of these promotional days”, says Marc Lolivier, Director General of Fevad. “For us, this is proof that mobile is becoming a major tool in our consumption patterns.”

French consumers are planning to spend, on average, 278 euros for Christmas purchases, regardless of whether it’s in-store or online. This amount is slightly lower than it was last year, although online spending is up 4 percent: the average French consumer has plans to spend 203 euros online for Christmas shopping.