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German payments firm Paymill launches partner program

Paymill has launched its partner program, where merchants, agencies and payment experts can offer customers help with the integration of Paymill. The online payments company says partners will also get a personal consultant for themselves and their customers.


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With launching the partner program, Paymill complemented their existing website by a partner portal. “The portal is primarily aimed at webshop specialists who support customers with integrating Paymill as an online payment provider”, the company states. According to the Rocket Internet-backed service more than 200 partners already “profit from the advantages of the portal”.

Paymill partner program

“We not only offer an easy way to implement different payment methods, but also personally support our partners with their running project”, says Marc Fischer, who is responsible for Paymill’s partner program. “This support reaches from setting up a profile of requirements over to the technical integration until setting up and maintaining the merchant accounts, which are necessary to accept credit card payments.”

Earn a small commission on each transaction
So, Paymill offers a personal consultant for partners and their customers, but in the FAQ it also says one of the benefits of becoming a Paymill partner is earning a small commission on each transaction the client completes and receiving priority on-boarding for the clients.

Besides all that, Paymill also offers an online dashboard, where partners can manage all of their clients in one place. “As soon as a merchant engaged a partner to implement Paymill, the partner can find all relevant information about the merchant on this dashboard”, the payments company explains. “Moreover, all partners get listed on the platform and can be sorted by different categories like country or shopsystem. This allows potential clients to find the right webshop specialist for themselves on this partner platform.”

About Paymill
Paymill was founded in June 2012 in Munich as a one-stop solution which enables merchants to easily accept credit and debit cards. The payments solution is available across Europe and online businesses are able to accept online payments globally. Transactions can be processed in more than 100 different currencies.