Germans want transparency and flexibility during and after delivery

Germans want transparency and flexibility during and after delivery

Eight out of ten consumers in Germany want more control and flexibility when they are ordering products online. This includes the choice of delivery day and delivery time. Also, 88 percent think it’s important to get not only comprehensive and transparent information during the order process, but also after the purchase is completed.

These are some of the results from a survey conducted by DHL among more than 1,000 German Internet users who bought online regularly during the last twelve months. Ecommerce in Germany has been growing for years, offering consumers more choice than ever. But at the same time the consumer habits are changing and thereby their demands for online retailers and the associated logistics.

Because of this, DHL conducted a survey to see what consumers in Germany expect from logistics companies nowadays. It turns out consumers especially want the package reception to adapt to them and their daily lives. The convenience they experience while browsing and shopping online must continue after the purchase is completed.

More control and flexibility while ordering online

78 percent of respondents said they want more control and flexibility when they are ordering online. They want to have a better choice of the delivery day and time. An even higher percentage, 88 percent, wants to receive comprehensive and transparent information not only during the order process, but also afterwards. So, a shipping confirmation alone is not enough, they also want to get information about their package during transport. According to DHL, online retailers and logistics companies already do many of these things right: 99 percent of the participants think they are being well informed about the delivery and have received information via email.

More delivery options are demanded

Standard delivery is still having the package sent to the customer’s door, and this method is for many recipients (77 percent) still the preferred option. But consumer behavior is changing. Half of the customers who aren’t home when the package arrives, are okay with their neighbors accepting it for them. Also popular is delivery to one of the 3,000 DHL Packstationen in Germany. For 14 percent of consumers this is even their number one option for delivery.

Choosing more accurate delivery time

For many customers, even more important than an alternate delivery location, is a more accurate determination of the delivery time: 78 percent would choose an exact time when they get offered this option in the online shop they are visiting. The most preferred delivery time windows are in the evening between 18:00 and 20:00 and between 19:00 and 21:00.

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