Getir now manages the Gorillas app

Getir now manages the Gorillas app

Getir is the new manager of the Gorillas app. Users of the app were notified that their customer data will be transferred to the new owner from Turkey. Anyone who does not want this can object.

“Gorillas is now managed by Getir!” is the message to customers in the app. They have also received an email from the fast grocery delivery company with more information about the transfer of their customer data. The period within which they can file an appeal (by “simply deleting your account” or sending an email to a special address) varies by country. For example, German customers have until June 14, while Dutch customers only have until May 17.


Nothing else will change for customers. “Don’t worry!”, underscores Gorillas. The German company was acquired at the end of last year by the Turkish Getir, which was founded in 2015 and claims to be the pioneer in the fast grocery delivery market. How much Getir paid for the competitor has not been officially disclosed. According to the Financial Times, it would be 1.2 billion dollars, mainly paid with shares in Getir.

Integration and consolidation

In areas where they both operate, Getir and Gorillas are already using each other’s delivery networks. Dark stores are also being merged. With the transfer of the app and customer data, the companies are taking a major new step in integration. It also marks the consolidation in the fast delivery market.

The transfer of the app marks a major step in the new integration.

Gorillas is currently active in 21 German, 12 Dutch and 5 French cities. The delivery drivers can also be seen in the British capital London, the Danish capital Copenhagen and in New York. Founded in 2015 and grown in Turkey, Getir operates in many of the same cities.

Anastasia Dellis

Gorillas will remain in the air as a brand for at least the time being, although the organizations will be merged. Anastasia Dellis, managing director of Gorillas in the Benelux, recently announced her departure. On LinkedIn she talks about “a ride of a lifetime”.

‘I could never have imagined for the last 2 years to transpire as it has.’

She further writes: “Reflecting back, I could never have imagined for the last two years to transpire as it has. I’ve been stretched in ways I didn’t know possible, humbled by the journey filled with some of the best and most challenging experiences I’ve faced in my career.”


Getir would also like to take over Flink, the Financial Times reported earlier this week. Like Gorillas, Flink is a German startup in fast grocery delivery that is also active in the Netherlands and France.



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