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Google helps startups in Germany, Austria and Switzerland grow sales

Google has launched Google Marketing Solutions for Startups, a new centralized platform for startup companies of all sizes which gets them in touch with Google’s marketing experts. Via this platform, the search company wants to help startups in Germany, Austria and Switzerland to find new customers and grow their sales online.


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Google said it launched the platform Google Marketing Solutions for Startups to support young companies. Because according to Google, founders have always been innovation drivers who change the world with their ideas. “And we also started as a startup, in 1998. But in the beginning, many startups are faced with enormous challenges: they have to set up business processes, win new customers and increase the awareness of their company or their product.”

Free resources and online tools for startups

The search company wants to help startups design their business strategy to reach the right target group at the right moment. Registered startups get access to free resources, online tools and a team of experts so they can attract new customers and increase online sales. Google employees will also help with the implementation of AdWords campaigns and then monitor and optimize these campaigns.