Heinrich Heine partners with Romanian retailer Click4Fashion

Heinrich Heine partners with Romanian retailer Click4Fashion

Romanian online store Click4Fashion.com has begun a strategic partnership with European multichannel retailer Heinrich Heine. As a result, Romanian and Bulgarian customers from Click4Fashion now have the possibility to shop for products and brands from Heinrich Heine.

“For the last four years, we had already established a strong relationship with the multichannel retailer Heine and resuming this collaboration was a top priority for us”, Click4Fashion‘s managing director Mira Anghelescu says. The Romanian online store was developed by the team that formerly worked for Stilago Romania and Stilago Bulgaria, but these operations were closed in Eastern Europe in July. “We are glad that our proposal was greeted enthusiastically by the Heine team and we can now give our Romanian and Bulgarian customers the possibility to shop for products and brands they love and value.”

According to Radu Mâcâială, the commercial director of the Romanian retail company, Heine is a force in the European retail industry and a supplier with an excellent market approach and positioning. “And our customers are savvy consumers of stylish and quality fashion, so we feel that this partnership withstands the collaboration between two important ecommerce players”, he says. Mâcâială thinks Click4Fashion could generate a 6-figure turnover in the coming twelve months.

About ecommerce in Romania
“The Romanian ecommerce market has become a very dynamic segment in terms of sales, and statistics show that by the end of the year revenues from ecommerce operations could surge to 650 million euros”, Anghelescu says. “Corroborated with the fact that 74 percent of Romanians in urban areas are regular smartphone users, you can imagine why online transactions challenge those from traditional retail. Fashion makes up for almost 20 percent of Romanian ecommerce transactions and data show that 58 percent of clients are drawn to actually make a purchase in online fashion stores after they see the discounts.”

Online fashion in Romania and Bulgaria
Click4Fashion Romania is an active player on the online fashion discount market, which is dominated by Fashion Days. Other competitors include FashionUP, Elefant.ro, Bonprix, ZorileStore and myCloset. In Bulgaria, ecommerce is an even more expanding industry, in which the most renowned players are Fashion Days, as well as Koketna, FashionZone and SecretZone. “Our Bulgarian operations are also on the rise, as internet penetration in this country surpassed 56 percent last year and renowned, good quality brands, at competitive prices, rank amongst the most searched for the female, 18-35 year old, population niche”, Anghelescu says. “Most of our core target is situated in this range of smart, educated, modern women with an income above average, interested in fashion, technology and various trends. ”

Click4Fashion new ecommerce player in CEE
The partnership was initiated shortly after Click4Fashion launched its Romanian ecommerce site in August this year. It was developed by a former team of Stilago, a major ecommerce platform in Central and Eastern Europe. One month later, on September 28, Click4Fashion also launched its Bulgarian ecommerce site. It now aims to launch at least two new operations next year in foreign markets.

Heinrich Heine, part of Otto Group
Heinrich Heine was founded in 1951 and is part of Otto Group, the world’s largest mail order company and one of the biggest ecommerce companies. It offers online and catalogue sales and has operations in The Netherlands, Austria, Switzerland and France and international B2B collaborations including Eastern Europe and Russia.

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