Hermes Fulfilment takes over dispatch center in Italy

Hermes Fulfilment takes over dispatch center in Italy

From 1 August, Hermes Fulfilment will take over a dispatch center in Valdengo, Northern Italy. The center specialises in the logistical processing of low-volume product ranges. ‘By taking over the site in Valdengo, we can establish ourselves on the European market’, says CEO Kevin Kufs.

Hermes Fulfilment is a German company. It also operates fulfillment companies in Czech Republic and Switzerland. A few months ago, Hermes Fulfilment started handling returned goods at a new processing center in Poland. A dispatch center for low-volume goods is under contruction there. It is due to open early next year.

Further progress with internationalisation

The dispatch center in Italy is perfect for their internationalisation efforts, according to Kufs. The building covers an area of 12,500 metres. “Our goals is to make full use of the dispatch center, which has a processing capacity of up to 30 million items per year, with outbounds goods and returns”, the SEO says.

Capacity of 30 million items per year.

The site in Valdengo was previously run by fashion brand Bonprix. Those goods will be transferred to one of Hermes’ dispatch centers in Germany. Soon, the Italian dispatch center will mostly be used for processing returns from Southern Europe for the fashion retailer About You. It will also be used for volumes from third-party business whose products are already handled there.

‘Valdengo helps us to achieve our growth targets’

By 2028, Hermes Fulfilment aims to double its revenue. Besides that, the company wants to be among the three most successful B2C fulfilment service providers in the field of parcel and large-item logistics in Europe. Kufs: “The new site in Valdengo helps us to achieve these growth targets.”

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