H&M tests same day delivery

H&M tests same day delivery

Fashion retailer H&M is experimenting with same day delivery. Currently, this delivery method is only being tested with customers who live in Berlin, but chances are H&M will roll it out in other cities or even countries, when the pilot is a success.

Textilwirtschaft found out that H&M is currently testing same day delivery in Berlin. This express delivery method is only applicable to orders received before 10:00 AM. These orders will then be delivered between 7 and 10 PM on the same day.

H&M charges a delivery fee of 5.99 euros for same day delivery. This is only one euro more than what it charges for standard shipping. According to Internet World Business, H&M plans to expand the service to other German cities after the test in Berlin happens to be a success. In addition, the Swedish fashion retailer now also offers next day delivery in some cities across Germany.

Complaints about slow deliveries

The new delivery windows come at a crucial time for H&M, which has received some serious complaints in Europe about deliveries taking longer than what consumers expected. The retailer also asks a delivery fee for standard deliveries if a customer isn’t a H&M Club member. Compare this, for example, with its competitor Zalando that charges no fee at all for standard deliveries. For next day delivery, Zalando charges a fee of 5.9 euros.

H&M could beat competitors like Zalando

So, if H&M can successfully offer and expand its same day delivery service, it could get a decisive advantage over its competitors in Germany, and on the long term, in Europe.

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