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Klarna and Mollie will partner in Europe

Klarna and Mollie will partner in Europe

Payments companies Klarna and Mollie will work together more intensively in Europe. As of today, the payment solutions from Klarna will be available as standard for the more than 55,000 customers Mollie has in Europe.

The partnership, which was just announced, will be in force in the Netherlands, Austria, Germany and Finland. In all these four countries the ‘try before you buy’ option of Klarna will be embedded among the other payment methods Mollie already offers, while in Germany and Finland ‘Slice it’, in which customers spread the cost of their purchase into equal monthly payments, will also be available.

So, with the partnership, 55,000 small and big online stores in Europe that let their customers pay through the payment service of Mollie, can now also offer the payment methods of Klarna. As a result, the number of contracts online store owners have with regards to the payment process of the store can be reduced. For Klarna, the partnership means strengthening its market position, while at the same time it helps Mollie with entering the German market.

Mollie got many requests to add Klarna

“Here at Mollie we keep our eyes on the market constantly. We’ve received many requests to add the payment solutions from Klarna. But if we decide to do something, we want to do it the Mollie way”, founder Adriaan Mol says. “Because we want to give our customers who want to use Klarna the same simplicity and transparency they know from Mollie, we’ve started talks with Klarna to join our forces. We were both very enthusiastic about the collaboration. With this partnership, not only the consumer gets maximum convenience and flexibility, but the entrepreneur as well.”

‘We’ve always been impressed by Mollie’

Michael Rouse, CCO at Klarna, says he’s always been impressed by Dutch payments company Mollie. “And especially the innovative platform that they have built and the efficient and smart ecommerce solutions that are constantly being developed.” He adds that Klarna is growing rapidly in the Netherlands, Germany, Austria and Finland and that their payment methods, thanks to the collaboration with Mollie, are now available to even more web retailers and customers.

Yesterday, Klarna and H&M announced a partnership, with H&M also investing in the Swedish payments company.