Lidl offers same-day delivery in Italy

Lidl offers same-day delivery in Italy

Supermercato24, a same-day delivery service for online grocery, has announced a partnership with Lidl in Italy. Together, the two companies will allow Italian Lidl customers to order groceries from home and have them delivered at their doorstop on the same day, even within one hour.

Italy is now one of the first markets where Lidl goes for the marketplace approach. The online platform lets customers choose their preferred store nearby and pick groceries from a catalogue of over 4000 products. The ordered items will then be delivered by someone from Supermercato24 at the customer’s home.

Partnership expands across Italy

The partnership is currently only active in the provinces of Milan, Rome and Verona, but will soon expand to other cities for even better coverage and efficiency, the press release [pdf] says. The partnership was initially active with eleven Lidl supermarkets in Milan and ten in Rome and is now expanded with five points of sale in Verona. At the end of the month, the collaboration should also be operative in the cities of Bologna, Mantua, Forlì, Cesena, Modena, Pesaro Urbino, Ravenna and Rimini.

Collaboration between grocers and tech facilitators

“It’s the first time that Lidl leverages the innovative grocery marketplace model that is now starting to catch on, and we; re sure this will be a winning factor for the both of us”, Federico Sargenti, CEO of Supermercato24, says. “I think the e-grocery industry is shifting more and more towards collaborations between traditional grocery retailers and tech facilitators like Supermercato24, and we’re glad to lead the way.”

Lidl Italy added that it wanted to leverage the new channel, because it allows them to reach new customer targets, while being loyal to their own DNA. ” Through this platform, we’re offering the same quality, convenience and freshness that we always offer in our stores”, president Massimiliano Silvestri comments. “This is a chance for us to further strengthen our positioning, as well as winning the loyalty of the clients who have been choosing and loving us for years.”


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