Magento Commerce introduces Magento Shipping

Magento Commerce introduces Magento Shipping

Magento Commerce has launched its own multicarrier solution, called Magento Shipping, which automates shipping and fulfillment for online retailers and brands. With the solution, Magento users get access to regional and international carriers to automate their fulfillment.

Magento Commerce announced the launch of Magento Shipping during Imagine 2017, the company’s annual event. During these days, the digital commerce software provider explains how Magento Shipping is an end-to-end solution that provides more control over shipping and fulfillment, “effectively reducing cart abandonment and unlocking business efficiencies to accelerate growth”.

“Providing cost-effective shipping is one of the largest pain points for merchants of all sizes”, Mark Lenhard, SVP of Strategy at Magento, explains. “In addition to gaining easy access to global carriers, merchants will streamline shipping processes and capture greater visibility into the customer journey from cart to front door.”

Available on all Magento platforms

Magento Shipping will be available starting this summer and can be used on all platforms including Magento Enterprise Cloud Edition and Magento Commerce Order Management. The Magento Shipping solution is powered by Temando, which operates a multi-carrier shipping platform for ecommerce that connects carriers with retailers and retailers to people.


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