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Matches Fashion introduces 90-minute delivery service in London

Luxury fashion retailer Matches Fashion has introduced a 90-minute delivery service across London. Customers who live within the M25, the road that encircles almost all of Greater London, can place an order at 6.30 AM and have their order delivered to their homes at 8AM already. The service will launch next Monday.

CEO Ulric Jerome describes the introduction of the 90-minute delivery service as a “revolutionary moment for luxury retail.” According to him, it brings the luxury fashion industry into the buy-now-wear-now era and it will transform the customer experience, writes. According to Jerome, Matches Fashion is the first to offer a guaranteed delivery within 90 minutes from the time of order. The first delivery can happen at 8 AM, while the last one of the day is planned at 10 PM.

Matches Fashion also offers a service from CitySprint’s new delivery service On the Dot, which lets customers book deliveries at specified hours up to seven days in advance, and track all orders. This kind of technology is what’s at the heart of the company’s business, Jerome said, and he announced there will be more new developments coming soon.

About Matches Fashion

Matches Fashion is a luxury fashion retailer from the United Kingdom and was founded in 1987 by Tom and Ruth Chapman. Back then they were the first UK retailers to stock Prado, now their business has grown to a €150 million company, with 45 percent of sales generated via mobile phone.