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Merch by Amazon launches in Europe

Amazon has launched its online print on demand platform Merch by Amazon in Europe. The service is now available in Germany and the United Kingdom. The launch in Europe follows three years after Amazon introduced the platform in the US.

“We are excited to announce that Merch by Amazon is live in Germany and the United Kingdom“, Amazon writes. “We will enable accounts on a rolling basis and will notify content creators when their accounts have been approved. When an account is enabled for these new marketplaces, options to select them will become available in the product creation process.”

Invitation-only platform

Because of great response from interested content creators, the Amazon service is invitation-only at this time. Creators that are already registered through the US platform, will be gradually unlocked for the two new marketplaces.

Merch by Amazon is a print on demand platform that sells T-shirts, sweatshirts, hoodies and popsockets and give designers a commission for every item they sell. Amazon takes care of the product pages and will also handle production, delivery and customer service, if the product gets sold.

Competition with Spreadshirt

In Europe, Merch by Amazon will probably encounter the strongest competition from Spreadshirt. This German company was founded in 2002 and generated global revenue of over 100 million euros in 2017. During that year, the company printed more than 4.8 million items, had over 80,000 selling partners and shipped all across the globe.