Migros platform Amigos connects customers with bringers

Migros platform Amigos connects customers with bringers

Swiss supermarket chain Migros has launched a new social shopping platform, called Amigos. Through this platform, Migros’ customers get connected with people who like to receive packages and earn some money by bringing the products to the original customer.

The pilot project started in the Zurich and Berne area last Friday with the possibility for consumers to become a bringer at Amigos. They can download the Amigos app in the Google Play Store or Apple Store and register with their Migros login. From 23 April, customers can enter their purchases at, after which the project can really start.

Earning money with delivering parcels

“There are people who would be glad if someone would bring them their Migros purchases, because they have little time or are restricted in their movement. And there are also people who would like to serve others and to earn some pocket money”, the Swiss supermarket chain explains.

The new social shopping platform lets customers enter their grocery shopping list online with just a few clicks. People who have registered on Amigos and live close to the customer, will then get a push notification. Any bringer who has the time and/or desire can take over the purchase request. He makes the purchase and then personally brings the products to the original customer.

Bringer gets 6.7 euros for delivering the first shopping bag

According to Migros, the new online platform has advantages for both the ordering customer and the bringer. The customer saves time and effort for the purchases and gets them delivered personally to their front door. The bringer gets some money for executing and delivering the order: 7.90 Swiss francs (6.7 euros) for the first shopping bag and 2 francs for each additional bags. This will be paid entirely by the customer, so Migros doesn’t make any profit. “The focus is not on financial considerations, but on the desire to bring our customers closer to each other”, the supermarket chain emphasizes.


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