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Mirakl launches

Mirakl launches

Mirakl, a French provider of marketplace solutions, has launched The online platform, launched in partnership with the French government, aims to solve the shortage of essential products and materials in hospitals.

The platform was launched in under 48 hours. According to Mirakl, it can be easily adopted by other countries who are fighting against the coronavirus COVID-19.

Bringing together essential products to fight COVID-19 is designed to bring together products that are mostly needed in hospitals in these times of shortage. The platform aims to make such items more easily available to health professionals and public institutions. It also facilitates communication between manufacturers, distributors and subcontractors.

It started with gel, but now also includes masks and gowns

Mirakl says the whole thing began by focusing on hydroalcoholic gel, but quickly expanded to include essential items such as masks, gloves and gowns. “At Mirakl, we feel very lucky to be able to help French doctors and healthcare workers. We are committed to providing assistance to our fellow French and European citizens during this very difficult time”, co-CEO Philippe Corrot says. “The goal behind this marketplace, which we set up in 48 hours, is to organize the value chain that has been implemented to respond to this crisis.”

We feel lucky to be able to help French doctors and healthcare workers.


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