Mobile accounts for 44% of online transactions in Europe

Mobile accounts for 44% of online transactions in Europe

Transactions completed on the smartphone continue to rise globally. Especially in Northern Europe and Japan, mobile transaction now represent over half of online transactions. In Europe, Sweden is the absolute leader with 60 percent.

The numbers come from a report [pdf] from Criteo, which analyzed browsing and purchasing data from over 5,000 retailers in over 80 countries across the globe. It found out that shoppers are using the mobile web and apps more and more for purchasing items, especially among pure-play online retailers.

Mobile app usage in europe

Shoppers prefer mobile shopping apps

Apps are an important driver of online sales, with a 30 percent year-over-year increase in the share of in-app transactions. According to the report, customers are more likely to convert when they are shopping on a dedicated shopping app instead of using a mobile website. In the US for example, the conversation rate on shopping apps is over three times higher than on mobile web.

Currently, Northern Europe and Japan are leaders in mobile shopping. The top 5 consists of four European markets: Sweden, Norway, The United Kingdom and Denmark. Here’s the ranking with only the European countries listed:

% of online transactions that happened on mobile

Sweden 60%
Norway 57%
The United Kingdom 55%
Denmark 51%
Germany 50%
Finland 49%
The Netherlands 49%
Spain 48%
Turkey 46%
Austria 44%
Switzerland 43%
Italy 41%
France 39%
Belgium 38%
Poland 33%
Russia 30%
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