Nethansa expands in Europe

Nethansa expands in Europe

Polish marketplace technology and service provider Nethansa has launched its new SaaS platform, with which it is ready to expand within Europe. The company is already active in the Czech Republic, Germany and Great Britain as well. The platform wants to integrate with several marketplaces in the coming years, including Allegro.

Nethansa is a marketplace technology and service provider based in Poland and Germany. Its platform is an AI-driven tool that allows partnered sellers to automate product pricing management on marketplaces, forecasts turnover and profitability, manages product listings and automates order processing and logistics.

Comprehensive marketplace platform

During its launch in 2015, Nethansa’s tool was geared towards sellers on Amazon, but now the platform also allows sellers to sell their products on The platform gives users the opportunity to increase their profits, by monitoring competitor prices and automatically reducing or increasing product prices. Additionally, the platform includes functionalities to automate sales and related processes, so that users can manage thousands of offers from a single platform.

‘Nethansa makes a GMV of 110 million euros.’

According to the company, it makes a gross merchandise value of 110 million euros, and has almost 200 partners. While Nethansa also offers customer support in 8 languages and other services, the newly updated platform will enable smaller companies to use the AI-tool without any need for dedicated customer support. “Our platform has generated over 4.5 million euros in additional profit for our clients – it wouldn’t be otherwise achievable without the platform in place. Both smaller and listed companies have benefitted from our platform”, says a spokeperson for the company.

More marketplace integrations to come

At the end of 2021, Nethansa conducted a financial round of 4 million euros. With the new funding, the company is planning to add more functionalities to the SaaS system, such as advanced sales and forecasting modules. It also wants to integrate with other marketplaces and ecommerce platforms.

‘In 2023, 50% of our GMV sales will be generated internationally.’

Adding new marketplaces means that it will reach new target audiences. “Up to 15 percent of our GMV sales come from customers in the Czech Republic, Germany and Great Britain. In 2023 we expect that 50 percent of our GMV sales will be generated internationally.” While the company is already a market leader within Central and Eastern Europe, it will focus on its expansion within the rest of Europe in the upcoming months. It will be interesting to see what the platform can achieve in European ecommerce.



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