Nuet Aquavit first Norwegian company to sell spirits online

Nuet Aquavit first Norwegian company to sell spirits online

Nuet Aquavit says it is the first Norwegian company ever to sell spirits online. The startup offers its products from their own website with global delivery. The drinks are not for sale in Norway itself. That’s because sales of alcoholic beverages have to go through state-owned channels.

The Oslo-based company says to have developed the first aquavit that serves as a premium substitute to gin. So far, this is its only product on the market. This month, it launched a limited edition bottle to celebrate the Constitution Day in Norway.

‘Pioneering is in our Scandinavian DNA’

“Pioneering and adventuring into the unknown is in our Scandinavian DNA, and it’s a heritage we are proud of”, founder Morten Pharo Halle says. “Therefore it suits us very well that we are now the first Norwegian company ever to offer sales of spirits online. This just goes to prove the big things you can achieve, even though you’re a small company”

Even though you’re a small company, you can achieve big things.

Nuet Aquavit sells its spirit (both in the regular bottle and in the 17th of May bottle) for 20 euros excluding VAT and duties. DHL takes care of the express delivery.

About Nuet Aquavit

Nuet Aquavit was founded by four men from Oslo in 2018. None of them had any experience in the spirits business, but they wanted to create something that could be enjoyed around the world. “The reason Nuet (which means ‘new’ in Norwegian) exists is the fact that we all witnessed the rise of traditional national spirits types like mezcal, tequila, gin and scotch, as well as brands like Aperol, Absolut and St. Germain, and we felt it was a great shame that something as quintessentially Scandinavian like aquavit was still a well-kept Scandi secret.”

It was a shame that aquavit was still al well-kept secret from Scandinavia.


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