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Ecommerce in Norway

Norway is one of the Scandinavian countries. Norway was a founding member of the European Free Trade Association, but isn’t part of the European Union, although the country was twice invited. Norway also doesn’t have the euro, instead it uses the Norwegian krone as its currency.

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Population 5.3 million people
– % internet users 96%
Online sales €4.92 billion (2018)
Online stores worth mentioning:, Elkjøp,


Ecommerce events in Norway

Every year there are several ecommerce events being organized in Norway. We have a handy ecommerce events calendar, where you can find all the major online retail events in Europe. But you can also check out only the ecommerce events in Norway.

Ecommerce customers in Norway

Norway has a very high share of people being online. According to data from Statistics Norway, the share of population aged 16 to 79 that used the internet during the last months was at 96 percent in 2018. The same study shows that 31 percent used the internet for selling goods or services, while 41 percent bought films or music online, 45 percent ordered clothes and sports goods and 61 percent bought travel or holiday accommodation online.

In 2018, the estimated amount per person spent online in an average month was 210 euros. This corresponds to 2,522 euros per year. And according to data from Statistics Norway, 92 percent of the population aged 16-79 uses a smartphone.

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PAYMENT METHODS – When it comes to paying for the products ordered online, many consumers in Norway like to pay with credit card. This method is more popular than VIPPS, invoice or PayPal. Card payments account for 52 percent of preferred payment methods, with VIPPS following at 21 percent. More Norwegian women than men are fond of invoice, but more men than women are keen on PayPal and ApplePay.

Preferred payment methods in Norway (source: Nets)
Preferred payment methods in Norway (source: Nets)

The ecommerce market in Norway

Based on data from PostNord, ecommerce in Norway was worth 4.92 billion euros in 2018. In Norway, the most popular product category is formed by clothing and shoes (36 percent). This is followed by consumer electronics and media (both 25 percent), sports & leisure (14 percent), beauty & health, furniture, and groceries (all at 10 percent) and baby & toys (6 percent).

Big online stores in Norway

Some of the most popular and biggest online stores in Norway are consumer electronics store, consumer electronics retailer Elkjøp (known as Elgiganten otuside Norway) and online grocery store

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Last update: May 2021