Posti opens Box, ecommerce-focused premises

Posti opens Box, ecommerce-focused premises

Tomorrow, Posti will open a new premises in Helsinki, which is focused on ecommerce for its consumer customers and online retailers. The initiative, called Box, is equipped with fitting rooms, a big parcel locker and a digital kiosk.

Box is the postal service’s answer to the rapidly changing ecommerce industry. The premises, which will be opened tomorrow on Keskuskatu in Helsinki, has several purposes. For example, it operates as a fitting room. So, if a customer has placed an order for clothes online, they can immediately try on the clothes at Box. And if they don’t fit, the items can be returned immediately without having the customer to go home first.

‘Box fills in piece missing between online store and home’

Another benefit of Posti’s Box is the fact customers can leave the packaging materials behind. These can then be recycled or even used by other customers. “Before, there was a piece missing between the online store and home. Box was created to fill in the missing piece”, Kaisa Ilola, Posti’s Head of Customer Experience and Channels, says.

Online retailers can organize events and sell their products

Box isn’t only just for Posti’s consumer customers. It can also be used by online retailers. For example, for organizing their own events and use the premises as a display window for their products. “Box will become a physical store in the heart of Helsinki for many of the domestic and foreign online retailers. Online retailers can organize their own events, pop up events and sell their own products at Box.”

And of course, Box will be used as a showcase for Posti’s own digital services. For instance, customers can send parcels and letters via the new self-service terminal. Here, they can pay for shipping and even speak to a customer service team via a video connection if that’s necessary.

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