Prestashop acquired by MBE

Prestashop acquired by MBE

Open-source ecommerce solution has been acquired by MBE (Mail Boxes Etc.) Worldwide, an Italian platform providing shipping and fulfillment. Through the acquisition, MBE will strengthen its position in Europe and Latin America, where most of Prestashop’s customers are located.

‘Network of more than 2.800 service centers’

MBE is an Italian platform, based in Milan. It provides shipping for digital sellers, fulfillment, printing and marketing services through a network of franchise locations. According to the company, it served over 700.000 customers worldwide, through a network of more than 2.800 service centers in 53 countries. Sales through MBE’s system exceeded 1 billion euros.

Prestashop users generated 22 billion euros in sales last year.

Now, the company announces the acquisition of French Prestashop. The open-source ecommerce solution is used by 300.000 shops worldwide and available in 60 different languages. The majority of Prestashop’s customers are based in Europe and Latin America. Last year, customers generated over 22 billion euros in sales through the platform.

Complementarity of both platforms

MBE has not disclosed the amount that was paid for the transaction. Joining the digital ecommerce and physical location-based platforms will result in an integrated customer experience to enable companies to realize more growth potential, according to both Prestashop and MBE.

“PrestaShop and its people are a great addition to MBE. By combining ‘atoms and bits’ we will further differentiate our unique positioning in the market thus enabling MBE to become one of the leading global ecommerce and logistics platforms for businesses”, said Paolo Fiorelli, CEO at MBE Worldwide.

‘Our complementarity will enable us to become a leading global ecommerce platform.’

“Joining MBE is an opportunity for PrestaShop to accelerate its growth with the support of a leading industry player that will enable us to further our position of leadership in Europe and Latin America, conquer new customers and provide a fully integrated best-in-class offering to our clients. The complementarity of both our offers will enable us to become the leading global commerce platform for business growth.” said Alexandre Eruimy, Managing Director at PrestaShop, who will continue his leadership role managing the PrestaShop Team and business.



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