ProfiCircle expands to Germany and Switzerland

ProfiCircle expands to Germany and Switzerland

ProfiCircle, a B2b marketplace from Romania that sells commercial equipment like pallet racks and industrial mezzanines, is expanding. The startup will launch its marketplace in Germany and Switzerland next month.

For the expansion to Germany and Switzerland, ProfiCircle has created a network of partners that is constantly growing. The company launched in Romania in 2019 and has even announced further plans for expansion across Europe. The startup wants to launch its marketplace in another two countries, France and Poland, by the end of the year.

With its online marketplace, ProfiCircle wants to simplify the whole acquisition process. The startup from Romania operates as a one-stop-shop market network and enables buyers to source, buy, collaborate and manage online projects in one place, across multiple sellers and service providers like manufacturers, dealers, and carriers.

Normally, when an ecommerce company needs some warehouse equipment solutions, they send several requests to potential suppliers, which can last months and lots of e-mails, telephone calls and meetings. By taking out the middle man, ProfiCircle thinks it can make this process a lot shorter.

The startup wants to take out the middle man.

ProfiCircle wants to bring the industry into modern times

Co-founder and CEO Eduard Daniliuc thinks the industry is left behind in terms of automation, transparency and simplicity. By applying the concept of a market network, he wants to bring that industry into modern times. “Taking into consideration the need for storage and logistics space efficiency, companies need to quickly increase their capacity and optimize the time required for the products’ delivery.”

ProfiCircle reunites all involved parties, such as buyers, equipment manufacturers and dealers, designers, carriers, installers, and financial organizations across Europe. Clients can choose between all kinds of companies, from around the world, without any geographical limitations. They can also choose from multiple options to finance their project (through leasing, renting or deferred payment). At the meantime, all communication takes place on the platform.

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