Razor Group raises 70 million dollars

Razor Group raises 70 million dollars

German ecommerce aggregator Razor Group has raised 70 million dollars (65.7 million euros). The company currently has over 200 brands in its portfolio, but wants to add more soon. The funding will also be used to expand geographically.

Ecommerce aggregator are growing quickly in European ecommerce. In November, Dutch company Dwarfs raised 30 million euros. The funding round brought the total amount invested into the company to 60 million euros, just one and a half year after the company was launched.

Portfolio of more than 200 brands

Razor Group was founded in 2020, in Berlin. It acquires and companies that sell consumer goods. Razor Group wants to make household brands available to people worldwide. Because of that, the group scales ecommerce businesses across international markets.

Together, the brands have generated over €1 billion in debt and equity funding.

Since it started three years ago, the company has added more than 200 brands to its portfolio. According to Razor Group, the brands have generated over 1 billion euros in debt and equity funding in total.

65.7 million euros in funding

In a funding round, the company raised around 65.7 million euros. The funding will be used to grow the current portfolio. Additionally, Razor Group wants to expand geographically and enter more marketplaces.

‘The financing round helps us advance our position as ecommerce aggregator.’

“Leveraging our ecommerce and operational expertise to help our brands reach their full potential is a core element of our strategy”, said Tushar Ahluwalia, co-founder and CEO at Razor Group. “This financing round not only provides us with additional capital to support our roll-up engine, but our line-up of new and existing investors gives us a better understanding of global consumers and operating expertise to help our brands grow and thrive, advancing our position as one of the leading ecommerce aggregator platforms.”




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