Saclàb raises 1.6 million euros

Saclàb raises 1.6 million euros

Fashion marketplace Saclàb has raised 1.6 million euros in seed funding. The company wants to use the capital for product development as well as HR and marketing activities. The platform is also planning a launch in the United States.

Saclàb was founded in 2018 and is based in Munich, Germany. The luxury fashion marketplace currently has customers in over 20 countries.

Launch in the United States in 2023

The German fashion platform has raised 1.6 million euros in seed capital. The company will put the funds towards enhancing its user experience as well as marketing and HR operations. This is in light of a planned launch in the United States later this year.

Saclàb will invest in user experience, marketing and HR.

“We are planning our soft launch in the US this year and creating an online storefront. Besides that, we have many UX/UI improvements coming up to make the selling and buying experience even more smooth and fun”, says co-founder Alexandra Stück.

Marketplace for pre-owned luxury bags

On Saclàb, users can buy and trade pre-owned luxury bags that are in high demand. “We focus on sourcing new, difficult-to-find and waiting-list designer handbags, restoring those with signs of a former life and offering unique customisations on classic styles”, the company website says. Items are also inspected and authenticated by Saclàb before selling.

‘We want to make these investments profitable’

The first three years the company had no external investors. The startup acquired its first angel investors in 2021. Now, Saclàb has raised its first seed capital. Co-founder Jan-Oliver Stück: “The challenge is to make all these investments profitable so that we remain as sustainable as possible. A lot of companies just burn through the money and rely on investment from day one. We don’t want that setup.”



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