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Saloodo launches globally

Saloodo launches globally

Logistics startup Saloodo has announced it’s now ready to be used globally. The road freight platform was launched by DHL Group in 2017 and was already available in some markets in Europe.

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Last August, the logistics startup expanded to Turkey, but now more companies in Europe will be able to use the services of this digital road freight platform.

CEO Thomas Grunau says they already developed functions that are close to the needs of their customers in the different markets, but now it’s time to bring it all together on one platform. “This way, Saloodo customers around the world can benefit from all these efforts.”

Individual markets are now linked together

Now that Saloodo is a global platform, it has not only extended the range of functions, it also links the individual markets together. It’s now possible, for example, to arrange transports from the European Union to Turkey or to the Middle East & Africa and vice versa.

Features from different regions are now available to all

As said, all features developed in the individual regions are now available in all markets. “For example, customers in our region will now also benefit from the improved and further simplified user experience of the new Saloodo interface. Furthermore, the global platform offers improved functionalities for organizing convoy shipments, which is a big advantage”, says Tobias Maier, CEO of  Saloodo MEA. As a result, European shippers can order truck transports in convoy for the first time.

European shippers can order truck transports in convoy for the first time.

Information via WhatsApp

Another new feature for the European road freight market is that soon transport offers can be submitted via WhatsApp. “Transport service providers can be informed about new transport requests via WhatsApp and then enter their offer. If the shipper agrees to the offer, the service provider will be informed and all transport-relevant information and documents will be sent automatically to him.”


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