Shopify’s dropshipping-plugin Oberlo is shutting down

Shopify’s dropshipping-plugin Oberlo is shutting down

Leading ecommerce platform Shopify is shutting down its dropshipping extension, Oberlo. Sellers who want to use the app to fulfill their dropshipping business via AliExpress can no longer find it in the App Store. Shopify is transitioning to another dropshipping solution developed by DSers.

For online sellers using ecommerce software from Shopify, Oberlo has been a popular dropshipping-plugin for years. Users could easily import products to their store and sell them directly from the inventory of thousands of Chinese suppliers. The app offered a gigantic range of products with low prices.

Dropshipping app already delisted

Oberlo was created by a Lithuanian startup and acquired by Shopify in 2017, for around 14.3 million euros (15 million dollars). However, as of May 12, the app was delisted. Sellers can no longer find it in the App Store or install it from other sources.

‘Oberlo is shutting down on June 15.’

Users who already have an account for the app can still access it until June 15. After that date, the app will be uninstalled and historical data will be lost. Why the app is being shutdown is unclear, but a blog post from Oberlo says: “This product deprecation, which is a routine occurrence, is in pursuit of providing merchants with the best solutions to reach their customers wherever they are.”

Alternative apps

Shopify suggests using a dropshipping solution developed by another partner called DSers. Oberlo users can now migrate their historical data, settings, products and import list data automatically to the DSers app with a few clicks. The ecommerce software provider also offers many other apps for dropshipping suppliers. Sellers that don’t want to use this app, can look for an alternative dropshipping app and migrate their data manually.

‘Shopify suggests using another dropshipping app called DSers.’

The DSers app is said to have the same features as Oberlo, such as an integration with AliExpress, bulk order fulfillment, as well as additional features. There are currently over 150.000 merchants selling their products via the app. Just as with Oberlo, it offers a free and monthly or annual paid subscription options.

Refunds for subscriptions

“On June 15, all remaining Oberlo subscription plans will be canceled, and affected accounts will receive refunds or Shopify app credits for unused subscription days”, says the company. Users can also cancel their subscription plan immediately by downgrading to the free plan.



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