Shopkick says ‘Tschüss’ to Germany

Shopkick says ‘Tschüss’ to Germany

Shopkick will leave Germany as of January 31, next year. The ecommerce app, which rewards consumers for walking into stores, entered the German market in October 2014, but is already leaving again. On the website it explains its parent company has made the strategic decision not to continue the service in Germany.

In October 2014 Shopkick expanded to Germany, its first international market after its launch in the US in 2009. Back then, the shopping app got a new backend which made the app easily scalable across countries and languages. However, the company never went further than launching in Germany.

Until July 31 to redeem ‘kicks’

Shopkick chose Germany, because it was Europe’s largest economy and has one of the highest smartphone penetration levels in the world, CEO and co-founder Cyriac Roeding explained. But now, two years and two months later, Shopkick decided to leave Germany. Consumers still have until January 31 to collect more ‘kicks’ and until July 31 to redeem these kicks for vouchers.

US shopping app Shopkick says "Tschüss".
US shopping app Shopkick says “Tschüss”.
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