Shopline launches in the UK

Shopline launches in the UK

Ecommerce software provider Shopline is expanding into Europe. The Singapore-based company is launching a European headquarters in London. It raised 182 million dollars last year in order to accelerate its global expansion.

Shopline is a website builder for online merchants. With its customizable themes, sellers can quickly launch their website. The company also offers an omnichannel solution, which means that users can sell their products on multiple sales channels, such as social media and marketplaces.

‘More than 500,000 brands are currently using Shopline’s solution.’

The company was founded in 2013 and is headquartered in Singapore. According to Shopline, its software solution helps over 500,000 brands with their cross-border sales, payments, marketing and logistics. It has offices in Asia and Australia and more than 2,000 employees worldwide.

First office in Europe

Now, the company is launching its first office in Europe. “We are super excited to launch Shopline in the United Kingdom at a time when changing customer preferences are requiring merchants to be increasingly agile”, said Deepak Anand, General Manager of Shopline UK.

‘Selling on social media has rewritten the ecommerce playbook on how brands engage with customers.’

“Selling directly on social media has rewritten the ecommerce playbook on how brands are engaging with their customers. As a global talent hub, London is the perfect fit for Shopline to lead the transformation of European retail while enabling unique shopping experiences that are supporting our customer’s commerce vision.”

Focus on selling on social media

In the upcoming months, the company will roll out its UK platform for domestic and cross-border commerce. Users can take advantage of the company’s partnerships with Meta, Google, TikTok and Amazon, as well as influencer and dynamic customer segmentation features.

‘There is a demand for a single platform than can manage every customer touch point.’

“Merchants want to be able to innovate at speed and provide best-in-class, truly holistic experiences to their customers, no matter how or where they interact with the brand. Asia has pioneered a boom in selling on social media alongside world-class supplier networks and extensive logistics infrastructure”, said David Meakin, Head of Partnerships. “This has driven the demand for a single platform that can effectively manage every customer touch point and we are thrilled to be able to provide our regional know-how with our local partner ecosystem.”



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