Shöpping.at is still in the red

Shöpping.at is still in the red

Shöpping.at, the online shopping platform launched by Austrian Post, receives a few hundred orders on a daily basis. The ecommerce platform was launched two years ago, but still hasn’t come out of the red numbers.

In April 2017, Austrian Post started with its own online marketplace, called Shöpping.at. The idea was to launch a local alternative to major international marketplaces such as Amazon and eBay. Now there are about 500 vendors that sell their products on the online platform. According to Georg Pölzl, CEO of Österreichische Post, the portal receives a few hundred orders every day.

The platform keeps losing money though. But Pölzl assures these losses haven’t reached proportions that question the result of the Post AG. However, the CEO doesn’t want to commit itself to say when the breakeven point will be reached.

‘Shöpping.at is answer to globalization of ecommerce’

“Shopping.at is already a profit center today, but only without any profit”, Pölzl says. He refuses to make a comparison with Amazon: “We are an Austrian marketplace and we will remain to be the only Austrian marketplace.” He’s still looking for support from companies that are interested in a good development of the Austrian trade industry. “Shöpping.at is a contribution to the answer to the globalization of distributing goods.”


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